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Our candles are highly scented and made with a soy-based wax.

VJ's candles is a small, home-based business in Missouri. I opened VJ's Candles when I was having a difficult time finding high quality candles at affordable prices. We have been in business since May of 2009, and our products are getting excellent reviews. We have been compared to some of the major, more expensive candle companies because of the strong, long-lasting aromas our candle products give. We have several repeat customers, which shows how much people love our products.

We want to make quality products, but affordable as well. To do this, our packaging is very basic, and cost effective, which allows us to sell our products much cheaper than other companies. Don't let the price fool you. Our candles and melts are high quality, and give wonderful scent throws.

We are a growing business, and offer a variety of candle fragrances in all shapes and sizes of containers. You can visit our online shop on Etsy, where you will find a large variety of candles and vintage glassware. 

Check us out on Facebook @vjscandles, or on Twitter @vjpender.







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